Obligatory Korea-Blog Japanese Tour Post

Like all K-bloggers, I feel compelled to go to Japan, take pictures, and blog about it, so that when my normal Korea-focused readers see the post they can say to themselves ‘Huh, Joshing Gnome went to Japan’ and scroll-wheel the hell through the pictures real quick and then go read Brian in Jeollanam-do.  That’s why I went to Japan and took these pictures*.


First I went to the Golden Pagoda.  it was cool, and zen and stuff, but nothing really freaky and Japanese was happening, so I went looking for a vending machine.


I totally hit the jackpot.  Even though I don’t smoke, I bought a pack of soy sauce-flavored cigarettes! Banzai!

In Nagoya I took this picture of a sign.  Japan has three rad writing systems.  One of them is Chinese!


Wow, beer drinking panda mermaids!  Only in Japan!  Also, this snack was expensive!


Here are my cool backpacker friends using their Macs on the floor!?!?!  Also, Tatami!


Here’s a picture of my cool Japanese friends.  Kawaii?  Honto!


I totally missed kimchi, so my new Japanese friends took me to a restaurant where you can pay to eat kimchi with Japanese people.  We were like ‘Umaiiiiiii!’


Finally, at the airport, I saw a Gundam!  Only in Japan!!

*I didn’t really go to Japan.  I mean, I’ve been there, but I wouldn’t go blogging about it.

~ by Joshing on June 17, 2008.

11 Responses to “Obligatory Korea-Blog Japanese Tour Post”

  1. Japan is so exotic. And their subways are so crowded lol~!

    Thanks for the love. How much time did you spend googling for photos? You must have a good sense for Japan if you thought “Hey, if I google ‘beer drinking panda fish’ or ‘ridiculous Asian girls london’ I’ll get enough pics to put a Japan post together.”

  2. Did you enjoy the natto with your kimchi? Natto is definitely an acquired taste. The only thing that compares to it is Chinese stinky tofu. which lives up to its name.

  3. Brian,
    You’re telling me! The subways are so crowded it’s like ‘Hello?’! LOLz

    And Brian, I see through your ruse. You’re trying to trick me into blogging about Japan. Clever boy.

    Not only did I enjoy the natto, but I ate a huge pile of umeboshi, without a doubt my favorite 장아찌.

  4. Ugh, natto. First time in years that I’ve gone, “What the f*ck is this shit?” after my first bite.

  5. I still have no idea what this all has to do with me. I never told anybody about my panty collection.

    Anyway, I heard you did Thailand, too? It’s so beautiful with all those temples, and the people are real chill and laid back. Did you go to Khaosan Road? It’s awesome, huh?

    And why did you change over to this blog? Been wondering about that.

  6. Dude. You totally got me with that first pic. I was like, “HOW THE HELL DID HE MANAGE TO GO TO JAPAN DURING FINALS WEEK??? DOESN’T HE HAVE A 24 HOUR EXAM ON SATURDAY????” Witty. Very witty indeed.

  7. Somebody once told me Japanese food is too oily. I only went to Japan to confirm what I heard. Turns out it was true. ㅋㅋㅋ

    I think your post could have used more pictures of girls dressed differently than they dress in Korea, and photos of food.

    Didn’t you find time to go to a pachinko parlour and take some shiny pictures? You must have been busy.

    Or maybe a picture of a geisha in a pachinko parlour eating snacks with a funny cartoon character on the bag and making the “v” sign with her fingers, lit by a bright neon light? Every time I go to a pachinko parlour, I end up sitting next to a geisha like that.

  8. Rob, you are a hilarious person.

  9. I’m always like, “hello! they didn’t have cell phones in geisha times!”

  10. please send mail to me

  11. i realy think da first pic looks realy nicc =]

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