Jung Woo-sung, master of dirtstache

When I was a teenager I sought to hide my pimply moon face behind a beard that I thought would obscure my pasty shame. My father once sauntered up to me, derisively pointed to my bad teenage mustache and said “Better watch out for the cat, he’ll lick that thing right off.” Point taken. He went on to tell me the story of the early days of his own mustache, that he wore from youth into his fifties. His boss as a young man had deflated his attempts at manliness like this. “What did you ever do to deserve facial hair? Facial hair is for men, who support families and accomplish things, not for boys.”
Apparently no one ever shared this wisdom with Korean celebrity and Hallyu star Jung Woo-sung, who persists in wearing the most pathetically manicured dirtstache around.It’s not like it’s just this one picture or one role that he played. He always wears that scrap of stubble on his upper lip. Sometimes it’s been Brauned to an even stubble, and sometimes it’s allowed to fully whisp off into obscurity, but it always persists, like Korea’s characteristically metrosexual answer to the dirty sanchez.

Crass update: Hey, if you happen to work at a financial institution, do me a favor and check out my video resume, and maybe while you’re at it, pass it on to whom it may concern.


~ by Joshing on April 8, 2007.

2 Responses to “Jung Woo-sung, master of dirtstache”

  1. That is soooo gross.

  2. haha. ok my opinion of you has changed. what a great video. ^__^

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