Stressed out Korean dogs, especially when it’s time to make dinner.

Ha! Always go straight for the easy one first.
My wife’s dog, who doesn’t live with us, has got stress. It’s a well-known fact in Korea that all dogs are afflicted by stress. Any trip to the vet will usually center around stress. a dog with worms inevitably has gotten sick because he was weakened by stress. Hmping is also caused by stress. Everyone with a dog in Korea worries about their dog’s stress levels.
The thing that most immediately springs to mind is one of the best Onion articles ever, in which everyone in a family projects their neuroses onto the family dog. The attention starved son thinks the dog is lonely, the unhappy father tells everyone to leave the dog alone, and the wife, sick of her unfaithful husband, tells everyone to let the dog out to run around the neighborhood and not think about what he does.
In my own family and in my general experience, people in America tend to focus on their dogs being lonely and bored, and of course suffering from a lack of exercise. Quite.

~ by Joshing on February 23, 2007.

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