Just A Juxtaposition

From Homer’s Odyssey, Book XVIII:

And when Antinous saw this he was glad, and said: "This is thegoodliest sport that I have seen in this house. These two beggarswould fight; let us haste and match them."And the saying pleased them; and Antinous spake again: "Hear me,ye suitors of the Queen! We have put aside these paunches of thegoats for our supper. Let us agree, then, that whosoever of thesetwo shall prevail, shall have choice of these, that which pleasethhim best, and shall hereafter eat with us, and that no one elseshall sit in his place."

From the creators of Bum Fights:

"Society has a fascination with homeless people, people living on the streets, almost a perverse fascination," Laticia said. "People don’t get a chance to see much of that. We thought it would be exciting to get a glimpse of that kind of life."

~ by Joshing on April 5, 2010.

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