In Defense of the Final Episode of 지붕뚫고 하이킥

Below is a video I made on my way to buy lunch about my reaction to the series finale of the melodramatic sitcom 지붕뚫고 하이킥 (Highkick Through the Roof).  Here is part 1 of the episode, and you can find your way through to the end if you care to. 

The show actually did something that I long ago wished I could see in a Korean drama: the central romance between a successful guy from a rich family and a pure, sweet girl of humble origins never even happened.

I’m not a big fan of video blogging, but I wanted to get this up while it was fresh.  The more I think about it, though, the more I think it was a really great ending to the show, so I may return to this in a little more depth.

~ by Joshing on March 21, 2010.

One Response to “In Defense of the Final Episode of 지붕뚫고 하이킥”

  1. Wow, seems you’re a huge fan of 지붕뚫고 하이킥! I knew you love Korean dramas but.. you really do! 🙂 Great! I’ve never watched the show but I’ve also heard about the ending and I love it too. 🙂 Not a common Korean drama or sitcom ending..

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