Just A Juxtaposition For You

From Marginality and Subversion in Korea: The Hong Kyongnae Rebellion of 1812, p93:

Whenever a natural disaster hit the country or a political power struggle caused chaos in society, some officials and geomancers argued that the terrestrial forces of Kaesong were exhausted and that transfer of the capital to P’yongyang was needed.  Many kings, subscribing to these arguments, rebuilt and expanded P’yongyang and made royal visit to the city to obtain the terrestrial benefits it held.

From a Jan 11 press release by Prime Minister Chung Un-Chan:

Prime Minister Chung Un-Chan announced the Master Plan for the Development of Sejong City today, following two months of discussions by the Joint Committee comprised of specialists and officials from both the public and private sector.

Notably, the blueprint aims at fostering the city as a viable center for new growth engines encompassing various universities, research centers and businesses. To this end, the city will proactively attract many leading corporations as well as prestigious academic institutes to transform the area into an international science and business belt.


~ by Joshing on March 13, 2010.

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