My Favorite Thing on TV

At the moment is a public service announcement that is absolutely brilliant. It shows clips of people doing typically rude things that you might see people doing anywhere around Seoul on a typical day: talking loud on their phones on a crowded subway, pushing and shoving, not letting people out of the elevator before trying to get on, etc. At the end of the commercial a single sentence comes on the screen. Forgive me for not being able to write hangeul, as my Dell computer has still not been fixed (that’s a long angry story for another time) and I’m forced to blog at you from the iPod touch. That simple, genius message is

Eolmana deo bukkeureowoya haeyo?

Which I would translate as one or more of the following:

Shouldn’t we be a lot more embarrassed?
This should make us more ashamed
We should be much more ashamed

Et cetera et cetera.

Way to shame, PSA.


~ by Joshing on January 16, 2009.

4 Responses to “My Favorite Thing on TV”

  1. National loss of face! Awesome.

  2. Is it the WordPress app that’s not letting you write in Hangeul? My iPod Touch has a hangeul keyboard.

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