Nephew Photographs, I Drink

I have made it abundantly clear that every child to whom I am now related to by blood or marriage and all those yet to be born are either gifted, talented or good looking.  As future proof of this fact, I submit the following det of photos taken by my nephew Jeff/Min Gyu/김민규, aka Big Joker Gnome.

With Jeff now five years old and my camera three years old, I am finally comfortable turning it over to his capable hands and letting his creative heart-bird soar high.  The results, shot by Jeff and culled by yours truly, offer a window into a creative talent so raw, so nascent, so brightly shining and shiny that I am awed and staggered.  Also he took a lot of pictures of me, which I like.

Nephew photographs, I drink

~ by Joshing on January 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “Nephew Photographs, I Drink”

  1. Hello!

    I dunno about you, but one thing I couldn’t take too much of while in Korea was always having to sit on the floor with the legs crossed. Legs would get cramped and I would be in visible pain within 15 – 20 minutes. Is it just me or is it something that most westerners have problems with?

    • I find I’m OK if I prop up the ankle of the leg on the bottom with a small, soft support. a thin cushion can be folded over to provide such support in a restaurant, and if I’m in my own home I usually use a rolled up pair of socks. Properly cushioned I’m good for the long haul.

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