Ask Joshing Gnome for December 25, 2008

Every week I receive a few questions, but unfortunately I am too busy to answer them all.  Because my company is forcing me to take a vacation day tomorrow and I thus have a four day weekend, this is my chance to get to some long overdue blogging.  Here’s a question I received earlier this week.

Dear Joshing Gnome,

You have been of great help to me before in clarifying thorny theological subjects, and so I was hoping you could take on one of the most contentious religious questions of all time.  Was Jesus born a virgin?

Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year,

David Jusco


First of all, let me clarify that my personal beliefs about this question do not follow the Catholic church’s party line, which is to maintain tactical ambiguity.  Naturally miracles are recognized by the church, but regular readers will know that I have maintained a relatively skeptical position with respect to such things for a long time now.

That said, I can see no way in which Jesus may have lost his virginity prior to his birth.  If that makes me a bad Catholic, so be it.  Merry Christmas.


~ by Joshing on December 25, 2008.

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