This Cracked Me Up

God bless Stuff Korean Moms Like for great writing like this:

They smack talk in Korean but allow you to hear and understand key words like “ugly”, “Oh My God”, “fat” or “crazy”, driving you up the wall trying to figure out whether they’re talking about you or the stale donut in the pastry case. Just so you know, yes, they are talking about you. Once my Korean Mom and I spied a lady in our vicinity with her sparkly purple thong underwear unnecessarily pulled up above her low-rise Britney Spears jeans on her non Britney Spears booty (pre-head shave). She turns to me and says in her whisper on steroids, ‘Geh, THONG, nuh-moo SHOW-heh. FAT sah-rahm THONG WEAR hah-myun ahn-dweh! OH MY GOD”. As the Britney Wannabe’s head began to swivel towards us, my Korean Mom’s stank eye began to blaze while her perm curled even tighter, preparing for K.O. At that moment, I prayed to whomever was listening that I would be able to block this out of my memory until I could pay for expensive therapy to explain away and heal my emotional damage. No such luck.

That is incredibly funny.  Incidentally, I do this exact same thing in reverse when I ride the Seoul Subway with Miyoung.

Oh, Miyoung, this guy overhere’s breath nemse is ggeumjjik, he seriously smells like soju and sseogeun kimchi and fish bangui.

So, yeah, I’m a nice guy.


~ by Joshing on December 14, 2008.

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