A Huffin’, Puffin’ Slice of Life

Lunchtime in Gangnam yesterday, my coworkers and I go out to a popular Vietnamese restaurant around the corner from our office. There are seven of us, including our new American partner who arrived from the U.S. seven weeks ago and my Korean manager’s Chinese wife, who arrived and began working at our company this week. We have to wait for a table in the crowded front area of the restaurant for about 20 minutes, while workers with trays of hot soup and used plates and bowls repeatedly push their way through our group. Finally they seat us at a table for six, and tell us that two of our group can sit elsewhere. One Korean woman from my office calmly, coldly tells them ‘This is ridiculous, we’re out of here.’ and the two they are trying to sit elsewhere turn to walk right out the front door. My manager leaps to his feet and starts arguing with the restaurant manager. I stand up and I start arguing with the guy who was seating us. The American and Chinese are sitting wide-eyed watching the three of us putting on our performance. Finally the restaurant staff relents and sets up a table for us all to sit at. The three of us who had been raising hell turn on a dime and, with big smiles, accept the free appetizers we were given for our troubles. No harm, no foul, and everyone had a delicious, if onion-y, lunch.


~ by Joshing on November 21, 2008.

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