No, I’m not dead

I just received the following email from a friend who follows my exploits through this blog:

Hi Joe,

I saw that you hadn’t updated your blog in a while and was a bit worried about you guys. I hope you and Miyoung are doing well. I’m sure you’re just super busy. Take care,

Sorry to worry you, friend.  Actually I am in the middle of studying for the CPA exam, so I find it hard to justify spending much time here.  Let me use this opportunity to provide a few updates that are a long time coming.

1. Baby Project: Seven months and still going strong
Happy to report that Miyoung is still pregnant, and just last week Miguk Eggy (as my mother-in-law has nicknamed the little one) got 3D Sonogrammed.

My baby is special
My baby is special

All conversation for the past week has revolved around how white this baby looks.  When will people learn? (answer: people will never learn)
Doctors gave Miguk Eggy a clean bill of health, but refused to tell us the baby’s sex.  Bastards!  Can’t they see I’m American?

2. Finally don’t like school
For years I’ve caught flack from all corners for “liking school”.  “Why do you like school, school sucks,” and the like were constant refrains I heard throughout my childhood.  Well to all those who tried to convince me, congratulations, I concede defeat.  To anyone out there considering Yonsei Graduate School of International Studies, just consider this one fact.  <This passage has been redacted: once bitten twice shy>.  Mull that over a bit.

3. 귀마개 끼고 다녀
I have taken to wearing earplugs when I do my commute.  It not only blocks out the noise of the city, giving me a little time to think about accounting concepts, it also has the added bonus efect of making me not give a damn about the people around me.  Guy on the subway taking up two seats with his splayed-legged stance?  I’ll get right in the mix and hip check his legs out of my way.  I can hear him cursing me, but I don’t even react, making him madder and madder.  I win!

4. Hold Steady is good
That second guitar solo in “Joke about Jamaica”, the one that you think is a harmonica but is actually a guitar?  Possibly the high point of Western civilization.

5. My Korean is getting 굉장히 good
How good?  I spent eight hours translating audit working papers into English, dipping into a dictionary less than 20 times.  Am I bragging?  Not really, because the increase in my accounting/business/official Korean knowledge has come at the expense of my practical/conversational/everyday knowledge.  My day-to-day Korean is actually getting worse.

6. Economy is getting bad
I’m sad about it.  The won-dollar exchange rate is unfavorable.  I’m sad about that too.  For future reference, these are things that we should all keep in the back of our minds and be sad about until the economy is good again and the won-dollar exchange rate is more favorable.


~ by Joshing on October 23, 2008.

9 Responses to “No, I’m not dead”

  1. Those 3D sonograms are amazing. It’s so weird when you can see your kid’s face before you can touch him/her (in my case, a him). Come back to the states so we can set up a play date.

    Why won’t they tell you the sex of the baby?

    And yeah, school sucks when you’re an adult. Once I got out I never wanted to go back, especially when I had a full time job. When I get home I want to be done with work now (though I do work from home at night sometimes).

  2. glad to hear it.
    am downloading Hold Steady right now.
    earplugs are good, and thanks a lot for the baby picture.
    I wonder: for this new generation, are ultrasound pictures going to be the new embarrassing equivalent to the baby bathtub pictures that embarrassed us when we were in middle-school?

  3. The doctor told us our baby’s sex before she was born. He phrased it like this, “It resembles the mother.” Next time you go in, try asking the doctor who the baby “resembles”.

  4. Yeah! I’m glad Miguk Eggy is growing according to schedule. Can’t wait to meet him/her (Do Koreans love to speculate about the baby’s sex based on the mother’s body shape/behavior/pregnancy symptoms? I HAAATED that and initially wished for a boy just to prove them all wrong).

    School sucks here too. I’m dipping out with a Master’s in December, but then I start a 13 month BSN program. Weird how priorities changed for me the second I found out I was pregnant.

  5. Your doc is an arse! We were told the sex of our daughter way before she was born, and it was still illegal back then. 1 month after her birth, the law was changed in Korea so they can now tell anybody. I remember it was in all of the local news at the time, but this is the only link I can find at the moment. Had I given it more than 3 seconds I am sure I could find more, and with your language skills I am sure you can find something local!

  6. The law will be repealed from January of 2009. Until then it’s still illegal.

    Actually the reason he didn’t tell us is because he works at a big general hospital, which have in the past been far more likely to get nabbed for this kind of thing than smaller OB/GYN clinics. How about you and your wife, did you guys go to a bigg or small hospital?

  7. Alex,
    My sister-in-law just had a baby. The doctor said it resembled her and said it was “pretty”. She and her husband were very shocked when the baby was born to find it was a boy.

  8. We went with a big hospital, as the doc spoke English. It was great right up to the time of birth… We have decided that we will move to the UK for a while if she gets pregnant again though.

    I asked the wife exactly what the doc said, just in case it was coded in some way. The wife was asked “Do you want to know the sex?” and when she said yes, the doc said she was almost certain it was a girl, and that she would use the better machine next time to make sure.

  9. Could I ask why you don’t like studying at the GSIS? I’m kinda considering to apply for the ITF. Would appreciate your response, thanks!

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