Yo, Guy On Human Theater This Week . . .

This is a message to Cory, the guy featured in ‘I Love Dante’, this week’s edition of Human Theater (인간극장).

Bro, you are making me embarrassed.  I can’t believe you’re a father.  You are so immature.

Of course the reason I am reacting so strongly to the sight of you mugging and cavorting for the camera, smugly cavorting, no less, is that you are so very much like a super-hyped up version of everything I hate about myself.  The painfully condescending way you act towards all the people we see you interact with?  Yeah, I’ve been there, although not so much anymore.  Your apparent belief that people give a crap what you think (“Oh no, the price of gold is down!  That means the global government is winning!”  What kind of a douche do you have to be)?  I’ve been there too, bro.

The cause of all anti-foreigner sentiment (in my house)

Yeah, you seriously need to man up.  We both do.

The worst part was when you, out of the blue, pull this big hissy fit about the fact that your son legally carries his mother’s last name.  Your poor, no doubt loooong suffering (5 years!  Of you!?!) wife, repeatedly asks you “You’ve known about this for a long time, why are you so angry about it now?”  You throw your tantrum and  the narrator solemnly reports it as real.  And for what?  To bring this issue to national attention?  Dude, you are changing the world!  Rock on!

I can’t blame you one hundred percent.  I mean, they did do a solid minute montage of you mugging for the camera at the end of the show, so clearly they had an agenda.  Oh wait, they had a solid minute’s-worth of you mugging because you were frantically mugging from the moment you saw the camera.  Yeah, you are one hundred percent to blame.

Just to be clear, I don’t like you.  I mean, at least Isaac gets paid to make a fool of himself.  You did it for free.

Update: Also, not to add insult to insult there, but your son could have had your last name.  See here and here (in English).  And the thing your wife read to you on the show basically said “If the father is a foreigner, the baby may use its mother’s last name and family registry” (부가 외국인인 경우에는 자는 모의 과 본을 따를 수 있다).  As opposed to babies with two Korean parents, for whom it’s much harder.

~ by Joshing on September 18, 2008.

3 Responses to “Yo, Guy On Human Theater This Week . . .”

  1. “…but your son could have had your last name. See here and here (in English). And the thing your wife read to you on the show basically said “If the father is a foreigner, the baby may use its mother’s last name and family registry””
    – I don’t know but I am under the impression that the regs have changed recently. When my son was born, 2005, I was told he would need to be listed under his mother’s name. A friend had a child in 2006 and the child could take either name. It is possible that Cory and I both screwed up but also that the regs changed. Actually, a third possibility is that each district office interprets the rules differently – this is often true at immigration offices among other government offices here.

  2. My children were born in 2002 and 2004 and both take my last name…

  3. Pretty embarrassing, yes. Most of these foreigner in Korea programs is wince inducing… but I’ve seen worse. Overall, it was pretty interesting. Thanks for letting us know.

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