A Branded Slice of Life

I got to Starbucks at 10am on this, the last day of Chuseok.  I brought my computer and CPA study materials, looking to bang out a four hour lecture.  I got my drink and settled into one of two pairs of cushy seats in the back.  A tall, thin, plain woman came in an made a point of squeezing past the seat where I’d put my computer bag to sit down right next to me with her back to me.  She kept looking back at the cushy seats, the other one of which was occupied by a young couple.  After about 15 minutes she got up and ordered something, a small bun-looking thing, and got a free cup of water to wash it down.  She took out a bible and started reading, glancing back at the cushy seats every few minutes.

All the while people came in doing the familiar Starbucks shuffle.

Woman: Oh, let’s get our seat and then order.

Second woman: yeah, I love the cushy seats in the back.

They walk to the back and stare in disbelief at the fact that other people have already occupied the cushy seats.

Second woman: But . . . but those are our seats.

Woman: I know.  I’m not sure what to do.  Should we leave?

Second woman: No, I’m sure these people will see that we’ve arrived and leave soon.  Let’s just order and wait.

Woman: Yeah, they’ll move when they notice us and see how much we like sitting there.

The female half of the young couple in the other cushy chair takes a picture of herself giving the peace sign with her cell phone.  This has literally never not happened when I’ve come to the Starbucks in Bucheon’s We’ve The State apartment complex.  Also, they are studying English together, another thing I’ve never not seen.

The Mac seat is occupied by two people playing on a Mac.  This has also happened literally every time I’ve been in this particular suburban Starbucks.  This one table is just known as the Mac table, and it is always occupied by at least one Mac user, and often up to three Macs will be running at this one table on any given day.  This is, apparently, the place to be seen if you own a Mac in Bucheon.

Miyoung comes in around noon with her quilting and joins me.

At about one the girl who sat right next to me with her back to me reading the bible  sighs deeply, attracting my attention.  I see her pick up her fork and take the last bite of her bun and stick it in her mouth, all the while looking back at the cushy seats, as if conceding defeat.


~ by Joshing on September 15, 2008.

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