Table Tennis Is Terrible

Note: This post was written during the Olympics, and somehow I neglected to hit ‘publish’.  Try to recall what table tennis is like before reading.

Seriously, worst sport ever.  Nine out of ten points are scored by basically watching your opponent make an error.

Also, I just watched a time-out in which two of the Korean table tennis team members counseled another in the following manner:

Player 1 (waving her arm back and forth): Like this, this way.

Player 2 (doing the exact same thing): No, like this, like this.

Player 3 (doing the exact same thing): Like this?

Players 1 (angry): No!  Are you even watching us?  Like this!


~ by Joshing on August 20, 2008.

3 Responses to “Table Tennis Is Terrible”

  1. May I remind you that trampoline is an Olympic sport.

  2. Yes, but I doubt it is as steeped in schadenfreude as table tennis is.


    and then sometimes this happens.

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