For Those Who Wish To See A Gnome Josh . . .

I will be on the SBS program 있다/없다 this Saturday at 5:15 4:30, in relation to the song and video I made about living in Korea last year.

You may notice that pretty much everything I said contradicts things I’ve said at some point or another on this blog.  That is because I am what is called ‘a good sport’.  Also recall the immortal words of Balthasar Gracian:

Truth is for the few, error is both common and vulgar. The wise man is not known by what he says on the house-tops, for there he speaks not with his own voice but with that of common folly, however much his inmost thoughts may gainsay it. The prudent avoid being contradicted as much as contradicting: though they have their censure ready they are not ready to publish it. Thought is free, force cannot and should not be used to it. The wise man therefore retires into silence, and if he allows himself to come out of it, he does so in the shade and before few and fit persons.

That’s you, the few and fit.  Naturally I’m saying I’m not a wise man, or I’d have ‘retired into silence’ and declined the offer to appear on TV.  Then again

The greatest wisdom often consists in ignorance, or the pretence of it. One has to live with others, and others are mostly ignorant. “To live entirely alone one must be very like a god or quite like a wild beast,” but I would turn the aphorism by saying: Better be wise with the many than a fool all alone.


~ by Joshing on August 15, 2008.

3 Responses to “For Those Who Wish To See A Gnome Josh . . .”

  1. I just saw you at about 6:30.. my Korean sucks, but it seemed like you rocked the joint!


  2. dude! I wanna see it! where can I watch it??

  3. Congratulations!

    I didn’t catch it. Is it online somewhere?

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