Indiana Jones and the Legend of the Crystal Skull

I really like how they managed to pack elements of the entire Indie canon into this movie.  For example, the scene where Indie waxes melancholy about the deaths of his father and Marcus really reminded me that this was a sequel to another movie.  When Indie tells Shoah LaBeouf about his days rough riding with Pancho Villa I was reminded of fond memories of sitting in the den on a Saturday afternoon and getting lost in The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones.  The most gratifying callback of all was when Shoah’s character, Young Marlon Brando, swings through the jungle on vines with monkeys.  I thought for sure that the makers of IJATLOTCS would fail to include any reference to the brilliant early nineties Anime Indiana Jonsu no Kawaii Akiorojii Paati, but sure enough, they managed to stick in a cameo from Aki, Indie’s flying, shape-shifting monkey sidekick.  Well done, moviemakers!

Also, I love the near to last line of the movie “How much of human life is lost in waiting?”  uttered at the wedding of Indiana Jones and either the communist lady who died at the end of the movie or his love interest from Raiders of the Lost Ark (this blog is officially spoiler free).  Every single one of Indiana Jones’ adventures happened between the wedding he called off (with one of the above ladies, but I’ll never tell which!) and this, quadrizzly finale wedding.  Lost in waiting?  Who?   If you’ll permit me to take liberties with Aki’s famous catch phrase, uttered at the end of every episode of  Indiana Jonsu no Kawaii Akioroljii Paati, “Super Hollywood irony power go!”


~ by Joshing on August 9, 2008.

2 Responses to “Indiana Jones and the Legend of the Crystal Skull”

  1. geez now I really wish I’d seen this Indiana Jonsu no Kawaii Akioroiji Paati show. Sounds awesome. I also loved the kitchen-sink glee of the Crystal Skull action sequences. It’s like they watched every dumb action movie from the ’30s and made bingo cards.

  2. LOL I must be the only person I know who was basically nonplussed with the film. The only thing that made me laugh was the implicit nuclear family gag.

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