I Love You, David Berman

If you like the Silver Jews half as much as I do, go read the interview that David Berman gave to The Onion AV Club.  Here’s a highlight:

But what happens, and why I think the world doesn’t fall apart, is that when there are irrational old people in charge, there is a countervailing group of young, cooperative straight arrows who are great at teamwork and are not seeking to nihilistically shut down the system. They have an investment in repair, and they have an investment in—I guess I’m sort of trying to bring good news, in a sense, and at the same time, cushion the blow of what I feel we’re being led into.

Berman’s premise is that we are exiting an era of lazy baby boomer crap and entering an era in which those born after 1980 are going to face the serious repercussions due to the fact that the  previous, terrible generation has “basically given up the project of long-term planning.”

It’s a new idea for me and I have to mull it over a bit, but I like it already.

Listen to this one

And so now I find myself in the position where I don’t want to go to high culture, I want to bring high culture down here. I want to make the songs mean more. I want to challenge the low culture to be smarter. I don’t really feel like we need to—I’m not fighting to get into the museums. That’s not my project.

I would say mission accomplished on that front.

The Nashville bus station is called a Landport. It’s a Landportal through which people come and go.

You are incredible, David Berman.  I look forward to your becoming an elder statesman.


~ by Joshing on July 5, 2008.

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