Here’s a thought

It is essentially insane for an organism born as wrong as we humans are to be stubborn or adamant in asserting that we are right and others are wrong without huge amounts of proof.


~ by Joshing on July 2, 2008.

5 Responses to “Here’s a thought”

  1. You’re totally wrong.

  2. I reconcile myself to this by thinking a great proportion of humanity is essentially mildly crazy, and the remaining smaller proportion is crazier. Which group any of us fits into remains to be seen, but I know where I’d lay the chips.

    By the way, no, you’re both wrong, ZenKimchi.

  3. Gord, Joe AND Zenkimchi, you’re all wrong, but unfortunately my explanation of why you’re wrong involves using several words which are neologisms born out of my Dutch-Canadian-Korean-expat upbringing/subculture-dialect, and which are untranslatable and un-understandable to you. So you’ll just have to trust me here.

  4. The inherently untranslatable subject position in me greets and salutes the signs and signifiers of the inherently untranslatable subject position in you. But you’re all utterly still wrong, ya boobyheads! ;p

  5. ABSOLUTELY FRIGGIN’ RIGHT! The Polarity of Dualism is indeed itself a complete – and beautiful – illusion, resposible for the Reality we see/create/experience everyday. Wonderful thing it is – right and/or wrong.

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