Pregnant Ladies Sure Have Weird Cravings!

And my wife Miyoung is no different.  You know the old pickles and ice cream cliche (which I was able to confirm with an English friend spans the Atlantic Ocean).  Miyoung has stayed true to the cliche by demanding the weirdest thing she could possibly think of: ganjang gaejang (간장게장).


For those not in the know, ganjang gaejang is basically raw crab pickled in soy sauce.  It couldn’t just be any old pickled crab, though, it had to be from Midamche, a somewhat expensive Korean restaurant behind the GS Square Department Store.

2008_06 062

Yeah, that’s the raw head of a pregnant crab that died several weeks ago.  Terrible picture, I know, so here’s one of what it’s supposed to look like:

The reason it had to be from Midamche is because their sauce is really good, extra sweet and cinnamoney.

Of course Miyoung’s morning sickness is so bad she ate about ten bites and then threw up.  At W15,000 for one crab, it was really expensive, but the sauce will be mixed into everyone in the house’s rice for a week, so it’s sort of worth it.


~ by Joshing on July 1, 2008.

7 Responses to “Pregnant Ladies Sure Have Weird Cravings!”

  1. Wait a min, I can’t believe you just used the word “weird” to describe 게간장? From an American’s perspective, yes, but you do know that 게간장 is a fairly revered delicacy among Koreans? Yes, it seems like a simple dish, but I and my family could never get enough of it. Especially the expensive sort from well known restaurants. Well-made 게간장 and a bowl of just made piping hot white rice equals a 한끼 뚝딱 and a very happy man.

  2. Whoa, that’s a trip. (The first picture actually looks more like an alien species than food.)

    I’m not intrigued, not even after JW’s comment, but then, I’m not much for crab. Too much bother, except when thrown into a 된장찌개 for flavoring or whatever.

    Lime told me the stereotypical craving for pregnant women here was sour stuff, especially those bigger, less-sweet 귤, which isn’t too hard to get, but I wonder what the heck you’d get your wife if she was craving that and you were in, say, India or Iowa or someplace. Pickles and ice cream can be gotten anywhere, but 간장게장? It must be hard to be pregnant in a place where your cravings cannot be sated quite properly…

  3. Pregnancy cravings alone are weird. In my first trimester I would gag and retch if I even *thought* about anything from the sea. I only wanted apples and plain rice. During my last few months, all I wanted to eat was sushi and red wine and chocolate. Obviously I didn’t. But I wanted to. 🙂

    Congrats, by the way! Babies are cool.

  4. Jung,
    Admit it, a pickled raw crab is really weird by Western standards. I mean, I know it’s a delicacy, and I surely do like it, one night I was talking to a guy who had just arrived in Korea for the first time and he said to me ‘you must have eaten some really weird food in your time in Korea, what’s the weirdest thing you ever ate?’ and of all the foods I’d eaten, pickled raw shellfish leapt to mind. It’s sort of like a Zimbabwean guy I knew who said the most dangerous animal in Zimbabwe is the waterbuffalo. It’s left field, but you kind of get it.

    last night my wife was craving 홍시, soft persimmons. Those are very very out of season right now, so there was nothing I could do for her.

    My wife is all about plain rice, but a lot of web sites have said that dry food is good, especially in the morning. She had corn flakes in the morning today and it was the first time that she didn’t throw up (until after lunch)

  5. Oh absolutely, it must be completely weird from a westerner’s standpoint. (but of course you know as a long time resident that Koreans usually go crazy for good seafood in all its multivarious forms) I mean, if you’re thinking at all that your wife suddenly had a craving for something that she doesn’t normally enjoy, it’s completely off base since 게간장 is just awesomely delicious for most koreans. Unless of course you know your wife better than I do and she just doesn’t normally like 게간장, heh heh.

  6. This is pretty cool. My wife and I live in Bucheon, Korea, and we’re always looking for new foods to eat that isn’t exceptionally gross (like live squid, for example).

  7. Um, your wife should have not eaten that. It’s raw crab. Not good. Poor baby.

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