Great Example Of Retarded Empathy

There’s a woman on the TV show ‘Interview Game’ right now, and she is interviewing people around her to get an answer to the question of why her daughter, who studied piano for 19 years, suddenly quit in college and decided to become a gagwoman.  The woman interviews person after person who tells her that the daughter never wanted to be a pianist (like the mother always wished she had become) and she repeatedly responds with ‘I had no idea’.  The daughter tells her ‘Mom, I wanted to be a gagwoman since I was in second grade.  I never once was happy playing piano’ and the mother is like ‘I had no idea’.  She is pissed at her daughter for doing something other than what she wanted her to.  She doesn’t care that her daughter is happy, she just cries and cries and says ‘I did everything for you’.  But it was all for herself, because to her her daughter was nothing to her but a plaything.

In time it appears that the woman may come to terms with the truth and come to see her daughter as a human being.  Maybe.


~ by Joshing on July 1, 2008.

One Response to “Great Example Of Retarded Empathy”

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