This Just In . . .

I still don’t give a damn about the protests.  Neither should you.  Come on, Rob, Brian, Matt, you guys are too smart for this crap.  Let it go.  Show me some high-larious Konglish T-shirts or something.  Let’s nyuck it up like the old days!

~ by Joshing on June 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “This Just In . . .”

  1. Hey now. My beefs with beef have been interspersed with goofy movie reviews, errol flynn sword fights, weekend trip pics and other such stuff. But yes, duly noted: I’d also be happy to move on.

    I’ve pretty much said my piece about it now, just — it’s hard to focus on other things when you have to sleep with the window shut in order to block out the chanting on Saturday nights.

    So should I send my “ask joshing gnome” questions to the e-mail address on the sidebar?

  2. Yeah, please do.

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