Gourmet Bunshik

In many cities in America, gourmet cupcakes are all the rage.


In Korea, the latest food fad is Haemul Ddeokjjim (해물떡찜) or ‘Seafood Rice Cake, um, stew’. 


Essentially what it is is Ddeokbokki, Korea’s most recognizable street food,


with seafood in it served in a half-way nice restaurant at about five times the price that you’d get it on the street.  It’s sold with something that’s actually called ‘fried turds’ ( 똥튀김), so named because it in fact looks like fried turds. 


It tastes like fried meatballs with some sort of filler liberally added to cut down on the amount of meat used.

I am not surprised that people would want to relive the foods of their childhood as adults, I’m also not surprised that people would want to enjoy those foods in a nicer atmosphere, with perhaps better ingredients.  In fact, I think that you could say that this is exactly what you would expect people to do when they get a little money in their pockets.

The question is, what happens to the tastes that they would have acquired had they not gone straight back to the teat of kiddy food?

~ by Joshing on June 12, 2008.

4 Responses to “Gourmet Bunshik”

  1. 떡볶이, 간, and 순대 is the most awesome combination of street food. Boy do I miss that stuff. I really need to go back to Korea.

  2. JW,
    Me too, but I prefer 염통.

  3. And here I am being ambivalent. I think the muffins the most appealing of all those images, but I also was inspired to hope that the black icing on the one on the top middle was sweetened black sesame flavor. No kidding..

  4. Just so you know…I got sick off that stuff.

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