What’s New in Metro Seoul This Morning?

I’ve been dog tired and busy these days, but I’ve managed to secure a few minutes to put something up here.  Here’s a brief taste of what’s in the Metro Seoul free newspaper this morning:

  • Cover story: “Our Father is a ‘Frienddy’ (i.e. friend+daddy, 프랜디): The newest abortive attempt to create a stupid portmanteau that assaults the ears and eyes like dental drills and lye
  • ‘Even Granny Can’t Stand It!”: Photo of an old woman at an anti-US beef rally
  • Scientists in Jeju have put clementine genes in an orange.  Get ready for deliciousness.
  • “Korea’s English Ability is Rock Bottom”: 20th out of 21 tested countries
  • The “Ten Liters of Gas Hoarding Movement” attempts to capture the lightning that was the “Gold Hoarding Movement” during the financial crisis by getting people to eschew their needlessly big cars.
  • Korea’s Consumer Confidence is 50th out of 51 countries tested (Korea being second-to-last is becoming a theme)
  • “Easy Math Tests Threaten the Nation’s Economy”
  • “Did Bus Riders Observing A Female College Student’s Habitual Sexual Degradation Have “Group Alcohol Intoxication?”: Talks about a guy named Lee who groped sleeping college girls four times while other passengers ignored the incidents.  Choice quote from someone related to the police: “Even though these people said they thought it was the actions of a couple, It’s impossible to understand how they could allow such things to happen in a public place.”
  • Convenience stores are apparently very happy about the extra business they’re receiving due to candlelight rallies against US beef.  Not mentioned: how do candle-makers feel?
  • The 9th Seoul International Film Festival Poster has poop on it.


~ by Joshing on June 4, 2008.

4 Responses to “What’s New in Metro Seoul This Morning?”

  1. My poop never looks like that. So unfair.

  2. Is that poop or a penis? A poop penis?
    Should your blog be titled (or subtitled) “Only in Korea.”
    This article at least fits that theme…rather perfectly…

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  4. Hey, Joe, I’m an American filmmaker moving to Seoul next month to teach English to kids. Is it easy for Americans to get around over there? Is it fun?

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