Menthol Cigarettes Are Popular With African Americans

Apparently.  Once while discussing the perception that African Americans tend to smoke menthol cigarettes, my esteemed friend and favorite rock star Dave Armone told me that that was, in fact, a myth.  Bowing to his far superior knowledge, I have continued to believe to this day that the ‘blacks like menthols’ meme was a pervasive, somewhat ambiguous racial stereotype.

Then I read this article in the NY Times about The National African American Tobacco Prevention Network protesting a bill banning flavored cigarettes that explicitly excludes menthols, because, according to the article, 75% of African American smokers prefer menthol, and menthol accounts for 25% of cigarettes sold.


~ by Joshing on May 31, 2008.

One Response to “Menthol Cigarettes Are Popular With African Americans”

  1. My wife worked for Phillip Morris. I’ve recently hung around Oakland, S. Florida, and Houston – areas with large(r) African-American populations. Based on circumstantial, experiential and yes even empirical evidences – including direct anthropological-sociological observation – yes I believe we can safely conclude that American blacks have a general (if softly pronounced and thinly accented) general prediliction, nay even preference, for the menthol flavored variety of tobacco known as the Cigarette.

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