I Just Had A Great Idea

I’m going to go to Seoul City Hall tomorrow, join the anti-US beef protests, and tell everyone who will listen the following story:

My mother has mad cow, my father has mad cow, my dog has it a little bit.  It’s everywhere.  Keep on fighting because it’s not worth the risk.  My whole family are downers now <sob>


~ by Joshing on May 30, 2008.

2 Responses to “I Just Had A Great Idea”

  1. Erm?

    You do realise that this will be taken as fact and the whole things will just take off from there. Even after they find out it is not true they will just pretend that it still is and use it in all their arguments.

    A Korean house wife in the US said Americans do not eat beef over 30 months. She is Korean, so it must be true. A Waegoogin says his family is sick and confirms what we believe. He will not intentionally make his country look bad, so it must be true.

    All that is left is figuring in the E2 VISA changes and we are laughing.

  2. Otto,

    At this point I could care less. I’ve been here long enough to know that no matter what anyone says, what proof or fake proof they produce to bolster their claims, it couldn’t matter less here. Every American in Korea could start spreading that story and it wouldn’t make any difference in the long run because eventually Koreans will be eating US beef, they will cease to produce hanu in any considerable quantity, and all these protests, although I’m sure they’re very satisfying, will not amount to much of anything.
    Facts don’t matter. Truth doesn’t matter. In the end, all this wasted energy on the part of the xenophobic Korean left is just a lot of 한풀이.

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