Choi Hong-man Gay?

According to Star News, pretty much.

Choi Hong-man and Kim Jeong-Wook, who share a special friendship (photo courtesy of Oriental Forest)

Talent Kim Jeong-Wook and K-1 ‘Goliath’ Choi Hong-man are living together and sharing a special friendship.

According to Kim’s agent the two started their relationship when they met a few years ago on an entertainment program.  After that the two friends kept in touch and built up their relationship, and now they are living together in the same  house in Seoul’s Guui-dong.

Those who know the pair who built up their friendship to the point where they live under the same roof explain that they have something like a mother-daughter relationship.

Choi loves Kim’s cooking skills and when he’s hungry he calls to Kim ‘Mommy~’ and asks him to cook cutely.  Those close to him say that unlike his strong and charismatic public image Choi is actually sweet and kind.

Kim Jeong-Wook, who was in KBS 2TV’s weekend sitcom ‘Irrascible Marriage’ (‘못말리는 결혼), can currently be seen in the MBC Wednesday-Thursday miniseries ‘Softlight’.

And yes, this is a real news item.


~ by Joshing on May 27, 2008.

7 Responses to “Choi Hong-man Gay?”

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  3. From a Western perspective, the picture seems to ooze homosexual connotations, but from a Korean perspective, it’s not necessarily so. Public displays of platonic affections between same genders are quite common in Korea. You can see grown women walk holding hand, or one girl holding onto the other girl’s arm, as would two lovers in US. Or two teenage boys walking holding hands, or one boy’s arm draped almost possessively over the other boy’s shoulder.

    While the picture certainly does seem cozy, by itself it proves very little. That they are living together really doesn’t add a whole lot either.

    Not saying that they are definitely not gays, but the evidence so far is pretty flimsy.

  4. dude, you actually look pretty gay in that hanbok photo at the top of the page. are you stroking yourself?

  5. Hell yeah I’m stroking that hanbok. Thing’s pure silk.

  6. fuck you wow and woooow did you fuck your mom if not try it

  7. I like the Lotte ad he did with Karina Nose, they make a cute couple!

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