Call Me Crazy

But I have absolutely no interest in getting involved in the current brouhaha over American beef imports to Korea.  I am watching a news broadcast right now which consists of 10% Chinese earthquake footage and 90% anti-US beef stories.  I have nothing to say to those with feelings either way, I have no opinion that I feel compelled to share, other than the fact that I welcome US beef imports.  However, nothing about the prospect of wading into this minefield issue interests me.  If you don’t like US beef, don’t eat it.  If you don’t like your country’s foreign policy, protest it.  Thank you for not sharing your opinion with me.  I suspect that my lack of interest in this issue springs from the fact that people’s opinions on this are so muddled and emotional that there’s nothing to even attempt to latch onto conversation-wise.


~ by Joshing on May 14, 2008.

One Response to “Call Me Crazy”

  1. I first thought after reading this part of your blog was AMEN!! It’s an emtional mine field and not worth debating, espically when there are so many other disasters to consider in the media.

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