Way To Conflate, Seoul Subway System

Take a look at the following banner ad currently running on Line One and Two of the Seoul Subway:

Closeness on the Seoul Subway 001


Sorry for the poor quality of the first picture.  On the left you see a man groping a shocked-looking woman while a nearby woman appears scandalized.  On the left you see a woman sitting on her boyfriend’s lap making out with him while a nearby man sits grumpily observing.

Put those two hypothetical occurrences in your mind.  Mull over the relationship between the one and the other.  Now here’s the copy:

Closeness on the Seoul Subway 002

Translation: Extreme physical contact makes everyone uncomfortable!

  • Over-the-top public displays of affection make others grimace [in disgust].
  • Intentional physical contact may even carry a legal penalty.

The ad goes on to label begging, peddling, holding the newspaper too widely and sitting with a wide stance to be other targeted behaviors, but unfortunately my photos’ quality is such that I cannot read exactly what the ad says.

Think about the message of this ad for a moment.  PDAs are the equivalent of sexual assault.  Seeing someone kiss is as bad as having someone grope you.  Not only that, but ‘intentional physical closeness’ may, just may, have some legal consequences.

Keep thinking about it.


~ by Joshing on May 11, 2008.

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