Couple Shirts and Thema Families

Everybody knows the couple shirt:

But many of you may not realize that the couples wearing the couple shirts eventually do get married but never learn their lesson, giving birth in kind to thema families:

And the freakiest thing is, the baby that first couple was holding was wearing the same color blue shirt as them.  Cool, eh?  No.


~ by Joshing on May 4, 2008.

One Response to “Couple Shirts and Thema Families”

  1. I hate couple shirts as well, and couldn’t for the life of me ever respect anyone who ever wears one. But it has to be said that in a few years time when my wife, daughter and the next one are say, in a busy airport, I’ll follow the advice of For Him Magazine that says no matter how cheesey it looks, it’s actually very sensible to dress the whole family in the same colours.

    But not that that applies to the couples in the photos, who shouldn’t have been allowed to breed in the first place!

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