Dumb Dumb Dumb

So today was my first semi-full day at my new office job.  I asked the administrative assistant what time people usually go home and she said 6:30.  Later I asked my manager for something to do and he said we should do it tomorrow because it was almost six.  At six on the dot the administrative assistant went home. 

‘Aren’t you leaving?’ she asked.

‘Soon.’  I said.  I didn’t want to just up and leave, even though I didn’t really have anything to do.

Then my manager started looking for people to go to dinner with.  He asked me last.  ‘Dinner?’

‘No thanks, my wife’s cooking tonight.’ I lied, grabbed my jacket and bag and followed the group to the elevator.

The doors open and close and we’re in the elevator. I look around.  No bags, no jackets, and obviously nobody is going home after dinner.

‘Going home?’ One of my new coworkers asks.

‘I think so.  Are you not?

‘No, we’re not.’

The manager chimes in, ‘Now he’s going home. In a month, he won’t be.’

Silence until the elevator opens and we part ways.


~ by Joshing on April 29, 2008.

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