There Actually is a Decent Restaurant in Bucheon

and Bundang and Changdong too.  The wife and I went to Fisher’s Market last night and ate to our hearts delight.  The buffet restaurant features plenty of sushi and fusion-y rolls, an odeng bar, a grill where they dish out teriyaki chicken and steak to all comers, a nurungji and jeotgal station, a bibimbap station, Rekha Sharma nude,  Vietnamese noodle bar, several Chinese dishes, an array of tempura and fried dumplings, and, since the restaurant is owned by CJ, the same dessert stations they have at VIPS, except the frozen yogurt comes out markedly faster.  At 26,000 won per head, it’s cheaper than going to VIPS and ordering a steak.

That’s about as ringing an endorsement for a Korean chain buffet restaurant that I can muster.  Go there and gorge with my blessing.


~ by Joshing on April 27, 2008.

One Response to “There Actually is a Decent Restaurant in Bucheon”

  1. You talked about The-Mall near the central park in Buchoen

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