An Interesting Exchange

I come home tonight and start frying some dumplings for my dinner.  I say to my mother-in-law ‘Mom, please leave this oil in the pan, I’ll use it tomorrow morning to fry an egg for breakfast.’

‘No, you have to throw it out, it’s burned.’

‘It’s not burned.  Anyway, we re-use oil all the time in America.’

‘That’s why you’re all fat.’

‘ . . . ‘

‘If you eat burned oil you get fat.’

‘ . . . Oh.’


~ by Joshing on April 21, 2008.

One Response to “An Interesting Exchange”

  1. LOL you know what, just listen to yer mother-in-law. apparently what she said is true. though the price has gone up but we still need to look at the healthy aspect…ah sensible mom-in-law! lucky you

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