How Busy am I?

Let Google Reader be the judge of that.  Here’s a screenshot of unread items waiting for me in Google Reader

How Busy


All my favorite blogs.  Rather than being excited for so much great content to enjoy, I’m whistful.  When the unread count gets up to 200 I am afraid I am going to have to start ‘marking as read’ virgin swaths of unread posts.  아까워!


~ by Joshing on April 12, 2008.

3 Responses to “How Busy am I?”

  1. Awww . . . I’m touched!

    I signed up with google reader and put four or five of my daily reads on there. But I like to read the posts on the original blogs, so I haven’t checked google reader in a long time. Probably have 500 unread posts there now. Wel, just checked, only 345.

  2. Sometimes you just have to cut your losses. My Bloglines feeds are over 200 all the time.

  3. My two items won’t detain you very long! unless you know someone who would
    be interested in comedy show in Seoul.

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