Seven Springs Stinks

Seriously, there’s not much to say except never go there.  It’s more expensive and has less variety and worse service than VIPS, and yet somehow enjoys a reputation as ‘The nice version of VIPS’.

The portions for the entrees were tiny and the sirloin I ordered was about 30% gristle.  The mashed potatoes that came with the steak were watered down, if such a thing is even possible.  Instead of a VIPS style panini bar, taco bar, pizza and pasta toss, Seven Springs just has a grill where the cooks grill up random things (onion slices, small pieces of chicken, bell pepper slices) and dole them out whenever they are done.  I found myself struggling to find anything that I did not want to complain loudly about and came up short.  From the bitter, over-strong coffee to the very dry cheesecake to the extremely mayonnaise-intensive array of salads to the bread that tasted like packing peanuts to the hard-as-a-rock ice cream, every damn thing was bad. 

Except the chocolate chocolate chip cookies.  They were actually quite good, so if you ever wind up in Seven Springs despite my impassioned plea, I recommend you grab a confoundingly small and heavy glass of mysteriously overly foamy Pepsi and a stack of cookies and make the best of the situation.

Just don’t try the sugar cookies.  They’re heinous.


~ by Joshing on March 27, 2008.

3 Responses to “Seven Springs Stinks”

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  2. I couldn’t disagree more. I haven’t been to the one in Bucheon, but I went to the one in Yungdungpo and it was excellent. VIPS does NOT hold a candle to it. I’ve been to many VIPS and, it’s just glorified cafeteria food.

    Ignore this blog post and read the reviews online. There’s a very good reason this restaurant is much higher rated.

  3. […] at The Joshing Gnome was highly disappointed (understatement) about his experience at the Seven Springs […]

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