How White Are Koreans?

I am, of course referring to my favorite website this month, Stuff White People Like.  The following, by my own personal reckoning, is a list of stuff that white people like that many Koreans also like:

Here is a list of stuff white people like that Koreans don’t like:

And finally, here is a list of stuff Koreans like that white people don’t like:

  • Nationalism

  • Dog meat

  • Respecting their elders

  • Having a flat screen television

  • Popular television shows

  • White people

  • Expensive clothes that actually look expensive


~ by Joshing on March 3, 2008.

13 Responses to “How White Are Koreans?”

  1. Well done, sir.

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  4. i enjoyed reading your post.. some i disagree though. Korean people like farmers markets, they are just too far away. Lawyers, they like them too, i think, especially when their kids are one. 🙂

  5. As a white man of the Italian persuasion who has lived in Korea, I can say that your list is pretty damn accurate. However, I would like to add a few things to the “stuff that Koreans like, that white people don’t like list.”

    -Ethnocentrism (Though in Korea, nationality and ethnicity are basically synonymous.)

    -Sharing (Especially when going out to eat. And you *never* see Korean people eating alone.)

    -Korean pop music (“Tell me, tell me, tuh-tuh-tuh-tuh-tuh-tell me!” I could not escape that song while I was over there.)

    -Breakdancing (Those Korean B-boys have some mad skills.)

    -Mokkoli and Soju (I personally prefer Soju > Vodka.)

    -Group dates (But you can only date people within your own socio-economic strata.)

    -Smoking (It’s a very “smoker friendly” culture over there.)

    -Family/Group mentality

    -Deokbokki (Or just spicy food in general.)

    -Not getting tans/sunbrellas (Only applies to girls.)

    -Korean beer (To anyone who has ever tried Hite, OB, or Cass, this is self-explanatory.)

    -Wearing shirts with weird “Engrish” (A friend of mine told me a story of when he was in Busan, he saw a man with his family, and the the man had a shirt on that said “So much frustration and no one to choke.”)

    -Having an respect/hate relationship with Japan (as opposed to the love/hate relationship with North Korea. But you’ve already touched upon that.)

    Anyway, that’s about all I can think of. If anyone has anymore to add, I’d love to hear them!

  6. you rock! keep up the good work and enjoy korea for the rest of us stuck in the usa

  7. I am a korean but for some reason i fit the description of a white more than a korean. especially cos I love being the only race in a group.

  8. Good observation. Personally I don’t mind being an only Korean or having another Korean in a diverse group setting.
    p.s. I rolled my eyes about Koreans liking white people when white people don’t like themselves. You whites really need to stop being so delusional. You’re not all that. 😛

  9. Koreans are altaic origin. Not white.
    How white are you?? are you white like cream??

  10. HA. This was GOOD GOOD GOOD. It is quite accurate for all the Korean friends I had and what I observed of them. Let’s just state the obvious, Koreans are weird. [*That’s another thing that they have and Americans don’t.] I loved reading this. So funny, I couldn’t stop laughing at some. Oh, and I love these adds!

    ~ Having Black Friends
    ~ Apologies – white people like giving them; Koreans like receiving them
    ~ Knowing what’s best for poor people
    ~ Sharing
    ~ Korean pop music
    ~ Wearing shirts with weird “Engrish”
    ~ Smoking (It’s a very “smoker friendly” culture over there.)

    Some other things I’d like to add on to any of the list

    – Red ink [It is a bad sign when someone writes in red]
    – Rolling up their jeans/pants calf high [You don’t see that in American styles, atleast not yet?]
    – Koreans Wearing pants where the middle part goes down halfway of their legs [Really weird and odd style]
    – Korean guys wearing make-up and eye liner a lot [American guys will most likely be assumed gay if they wore make-up]
    – Koreans dying their hair all sorts of colors. Ex: Red, blue, orange, white, etc. [Americans don’t really do that. They dye their hair the common colors like Blonde, Black, Brown, etc.]
    – Koreans want to be a lot like white people. [Having their skin ghost white]

  11. Also, Koreans LOVE BIG EYES and small faces while Americans like chinkier eyes (Model wise).
    – Koreans like to do the bubble face and pucker up lips
    – Koreans like to do the peace sign a lot.
    – Korean girls call their boy/friends “brother”. [Americans will never do that, EVER!]
    – Korean people use formal words on eachother like ‘Older brother, Uncle, Miss, Sir, etc.’ unlike Americans, they just call eachother by their names.

  12. Koreans like western fashion and food. Nothing to do with being white. I think your getting confused with japanese not Koreans.




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