Woo Everywhere

Woo (noun, from ‘woo-woo spiritualism’): reasoning based on magical thinking.  irrational thought, esp. as it relates to pseudo-science and patent medicine.

This photo was taken in front of Gaebong Station in Mokdong, an upper middle class neighborhood in Seoul, South Korea.

Defeating Cancer in Gaebong

Free Health Consultation

Written by Patrick Quillin, Best-Seller in Amazon’s Cancer Section!!!

Nutritional Treatment To Beat Cancer (book)


Green Life Research Center Guro Branch

Nutritional Treatment – Substitution Treatment – Improvement of Natural Healing Power – Free Health Consultation

(poster on the left) Seaweed [containing] Fucoidan [makes] Cancer Cells Commit Suicide . . . Testimonial!

(between posters)

Nutritional Treatment
Laughter Treatment
Health Food
Medical Equipment
Natural Cure Consulting

(poster on the right) You Can Cure Cancer By Yourself


I took a course on the ancient Near East in college in which the professor made a statement that sticks with me to this day.  He said that, when the Greco-Roman world was exposed to the ancient knowledge of the Near East, they had the opportunity to adopt advanced mathematics, astronomy and scientific concepts.  What did they take away from the Near East?  Magic potions, advanced forms of augury, fortune telling and astrology.


~ by Joshing on February 27, 2008.

One Response to “Woo Everywhere”

  1. Bogus treatments for cancer. Cute. These people are criminals.

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