A Slice of Life

It snowed last night, and when I left the house this morning at 5:30 it was still snowing the smallest little flecks of snow.  The snow on the ground was the most beautiful, light and fluffy snow I’ve ever seen.  It was sparkling and iridescent and footprints had a sheen to them that I’ve never seen before.  Gusts of Popular Feeling has great pictures of the snowfall.

At 8am this morning I got on the subway this morning at Jongno 5-ga station headed home and wormed my way into a seat that was conspicuously empty on an otherwise crowded train.  I suspect the two people standing in front of it were having an ‘After you.  No, please, after you’ contest.  The young woman next to me was reading a book of English essays that she had obviously been studying for a long time.  At the next stop the seat next to me went empty and the young woman who seemed to have been angling for my seat sat down.  She was reading the Korean translation of Joel Osteen’s Become a Better You.  At the next stop the train cleared out a bit and I saw that there was a young man across from me holding a stack of four cell phones in his hands.  He kept holding them until he got off.  The young woman reading Joel Osteen put her book away and pulled out a large pink bag, from which she pulled out a large hand mirror and a smaller bag full of makeup, which she proceeded to apply for the next fifteen minutes.


~ by Joshing on February 25, 2008.

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