Handsome Boys’ Chatterbox

I’m sitting here awash in the overwhelming flood of Beauty’s Chatterbox (미녀들의 수다) afterbirth pouring out of our TV in a deluge of Korean-speaking foreigners.  I literally have not seen a single television show today that did not involve Foreigners© fawning over Korea, paying tribute to the amazing glory that is Korea, every little thing that Koreans themselves find fascinating about themselves endlessly hashed and rehashed.

A short list of current non-Chatterbox Korean shows about foreigners living and loving Korea:

  • Find the Fake Foreigner (설날특집 가짜 외국인을 찾아라!) This one had a bunch of foreigners and one Korean person who was trying to pass as a foreigner.  The fake foreigner (spoiler alert) was a very dark-skinned Korean girl with cornrows who was passing herself off as a half-black half-Korean American named Jenny.  She said after being exposed that when she talks to people she doesn’t know they often tell her 한국사람보단우리말잘 하네! (You speak our language better than a Korean person!) which, I can attest, is what Koreans say to anyone who can string a non-kimchi-or-price-cutting-related sentence together in Korean.
  • Meet the In-Laws (사돈처음 뵙겠습니다) The show where the parents of farmer’s mail-order brides come to Korea and spend time with their daughter’s in-laws.  I must say I unfairly judged this show based on the first ridiculous episode I saw.  It’s actually quite sweet, and not every episode is about showing foreigners how great/special Korea is.

The money shot to this soft core nationalist love fest was my first episode of the long promised distaff version of The Beauty’s Chatterbox (미녀들의 수다) which I am calling Handsome Boy’s Chatterbox (미남들의 수다).  The acme of Korean navel-gazing was the moment when one of the Boys on the show tonight repeated the old old ooooold story of the Korean person who gets hit by a car in America and, when asked by an EMT “How are you?” answers “I’m fine thank you, and you?”, except in his version it a woman said it to him when he attempted to help her up from a fall.

I guess it’s hard to come up with new foreigner’s observations about Korea when sixty people’s experiences have been stripped clean to the bone by months and months of episodes.

P.S. In making the list of TV Shows about foreigners, I typed the word 외국인 (foreigner) into Daum and the very first suggestion it made was 외국인 친구 사귀기 (Making friends with/dating a foreigner).  If you type in국제 (international) the first suggestion is 국제결혼 (International (i.e. mail-order) Marriage).


~ by Joshing on February 7, 2008.

One Response to “Handsome Boys’ Chatterbox”

  1. There’s a show with Julian Quintart. This guy: http://www.hancinema.net/korean_Julian_Quintart.php

    I only caught a couple of clips, in which he was visiting a couple of restaurants. Sometimes he looks silly, fawning over spices and soups, but a guy who speaks Korean as well as he does has the right to behave any way he sees fit. Also, he acts pretty much the same way as other Korean MCs act when they do profiles on restaurants. “와아아아아아아아아아아~~~ 정~말 맛있어!”

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