A Lesson in Life, Misuda Style

I turned on Misuda (The Beauty’s Chatterbox, 미녀들의 수다, 미수다), the panel show in which Korean-speaking foreign women talk about Korea, and saw the chiron “What do we avoid in Korea? Old women selling gum”.  I missed the first part of this discussion, but typically this would have been presented as an answer by one of the women on the show.  When I tuned in, one of the Korean men entertainers was explaining to the contrite panel why Koreans buy gum from these shambling near beggars when they come into bars to peddle.  The camera jumped around from  foreign face to foreign face as they learned the meaning of charity Korean style.

I’ve missed this show.  It doesn’t even make an attempt to present itself as actually representing the experiences of these girls anymore.  After so many months on TV, how many experiences could they possibly have left to talk about?

Oh, a good moment!  Sassy New Zealander, apropos of nothing asked the host, Nam Hi-seok, who looks like a cross between Jamie Farr and the food garbage from a seafood restaurant, what he would do if one of the girls came on to him, and after letting him consider it for a while, a bunch of the girls chimed in in the cruel way that only hot young girls can dismiss old men “Don’t worry, none of us is going to come on to you.”

Nam Hi-seok getting macked upon by Luvada

It’s good to know that some things will always be there when you need them.  Actually I’ve noticed that the Korean language ability of the recent additions to the show is much better than it had been several months ago, when the show seemed to be slipping steadily into a foreign girl dance show with lots of cute clothes and hanbok modeling.  But, this Lunar New Year season I have noticed such a huge preponderance of shows about foreigners who love/are learning to love Korea that I’ve barely seen any Korean entertainers at all.  The show I am particularly looking forward to seeing more of is Meet The In-Laws (사돈 처음뵙겠습니다), hosted by Nam Hiseok, who is apparently now the go-to guy for shows about foreigners.  This is a show in which the parents of South East Asian women who’ve married Korean men are brought to Korea, where they have to eat Korea’s favorite ain’t-we-special foods (stinky old stingray, kimchi, spicy whatever, soju) and do all sorts of Korean things (laying around in a sauna eating boiled eggs; washing massive piles of little 반찬 dishes).


~ by Joshing on February 6, 2008.

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