One Third EFL TV, One Third Tourism Promotion, One Third Propaganda

Gord Sellar has written a great piece about ‘The Horror of Arirang‘ [TV] that I highly recommend. The money shot:

It’s kind of like looking for a girlfriend: while you’re looking, nobody’s interested, but once you stop caring either way, your phone never stops ringing. When you’re standing on the street corner hollering, “Respect me! Respect me!” nobody ever will. That’s the horror of Arirang: it’s desperately trying to achieve something through means that guarantee failure.

And that, to me, is the horror of Korea’s current English education system as well. And the more effort that’s wasted off into the ether on both of these things, the more grotesque and horrific it is. The perfect U.S. analog would be weight control. The more tortuous the diets people put themselves on, the more tragic it is that the whole concept is wrong adnd that diets simply don’t work, especially on people with no concept of nutrition.
Well put, Gord.


~ by Joshing on February 1, 2008.

One Response to “One Third EFL TV, One Third Tourism Promotion, One Third Propaganda”

  1. Gah, my thanks and thoughts were lost. I think the analogy with diets is apt, too — especially considering the nasty side effects of such diets. For example: meat meat meat… cancer? Taxed kidneys? Well, nobody can say doctors didn’t issue warnings.

    The nasty side effects in education are perhaps less deadly, but still unfortunate and damaging.

    Gotta go…

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