Korean-English Accounting Glossary

What a great resource this page is. It’s got hundreds of accounting terms in Korean and English, organized alphabetically by Korean. Not the most useful for me personally, but my browser’s got a find function, so it’s no sweat to use. A lot of the terms will be very intuitive for English speakers who’ve learned Korean, for example ‘the simple average method’ is rendered as 단순평균법 (‘simple average rule’). Other terms require some rethinking. For example, ‘current liability’ is 유동부채 (‘fluid liability’) while ‘current asset’ is 재고자산 (‘asset in stock’).  And contrary to what you may expect, ‘credit’ is not신용, but rather 대변, which, last time I checked, meant ‘feces’.


~ by Joshing on February 1, 2008.

One Response to “Korean-English Accounting Glossary”

  1. I have noticed that the page you linked on this post is no longer available? Is there a way you can send me this information ASAP. I really need these translations. I am an korean american with limited korean(I know its sad). I am countlessly looking for accounting terms in korean because I am dealing with a Korean client. Please help me!

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