A Revolutionary New Product

I’ve begun reading the business newspaper Maeil Business in Korean as part of my more focused study of the Korean language.  The difficulty of the articles varies greatly to me, depending on the topic and, interestingly enough, the section of the paper the article is in.  Anyway, in the “Venture” section of the paper I read an article that practically leapt off the page and demanded to be translated into English.

Maeil Business, January 31, 2008, page A19

Odor Eliminating Elder Cosmetics

A cosmetic has come out that eliminates Old People Smell, one of the many problems of aging.

Health and beauty products specialist GN Care (spokeswoman Yunjeong Park) has begun selling Doctor Cha’s Silvercare 3-pack set, developed by the medical research center at the Cha Hospital at Pocheon Medical School.

Doctor Cha’s Silvercare doesn’t just get rid of Old People Smell.  It also eliminates the itchiness associated with dry, aging skin.

The product combines AIST-I, SMST-II, and HCSL to combat inflammation and dryness.

AIST, which contains Propolis, prevents itchiness and inflammation, when sprayed on the whole body it quickly increases the moisture of the skin, and keeps skin glossy and moist.

SMST-II contains minerals from sea water and extracts from seaweed rich with natural supplements, which doesn’t just supply the skin with nutrients, but also absorbs and eliminates body odor and makes skin clean.

The last ingredient, HCSL, supplies rough and dry skin with ample nutrients and eliminates odor in a gel-type lotion.

You can see good results by using Doctor Cha’s Silvercare AIST-I, SMST-II, and HCSL.

GN Care explains “We sell this product with the hope that on Lunar New Years, that greatest of holidays, the elderly will be able to embrace their beloved grandchildren without worrying about their odor.”

Doctor Cha’s Silvercare is available at GN Care’s website (www.gncare.com).  The 3-pack set is 79,000 won (~$85).


~ by Joshing on January 31, 2008.

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