Uljin Wrapup

I’m home from lovely Uljin and very happy about it. The camp was a rousing success, the children of Uljin’s English language skills remain largely unchanged, while their relationship with the English language has perhaps been changed for all time. Good for them.

I was happy to discover that, contrary to the marauding bands of Canadians high on PCP that are portrayed in the Korean media, the teachers at the camp were on the whole dedicated professionals, relatively speaking of course. It was nice to see Korea through a couple different sets of eyes for a change, and I must say I quite liked the view. Spending my first two weeks back in Korea with a bunch of foreigners with a variety of experiences here was like spending a couple of hours in a hyperbaric chamber after a particularly long dive.

My pictures from the camp are available here. Two of my favorites just happened to be taken one after the other, but with a slight time gap.

Circa 10:00 pm

Circa 12:00 pm

On the very last day of camp we had the kids do a survey in which they write their impressions of the camp. Most of the kids wrote nice things about everything they did and everyone who took part in the camp. One of my students wrote that he felt bad for the other guests in the hotel (the whole camp took place at the Hanhwa resort in Uljin). One boy wrote something much more interesting. Just a bit of background, we slept opn pillows stuffed with cut up drinking straws, which my brother-in-law tells me they sleep on in the military here, and they were quite prone to exploding, so you’d wake up with inch-long cut up straw pieces strewn all around you like so much dream-induced confetti.

Name: Kim Min Seong   School: Noeum Elementary School  Grade: 4

This was totally like Hell.  Five days four nights felt like eleven days ten nights.  And how come when we played Golden Bell they asked us to spell the names of teachers we don’t even know?  And also the pillows in our room exploded.

Kids and their teachers aren’t so different after all.


~ by Joshing on January 28, 2008.

One Response to “Uljin Wrapup”

  1. Hey josh,

    I’ve been offered a job teaching in Uljin. From what I’ve read, it’s a very naturistic area in Korea with a couple of spas and a small population.

    Would you mind telling me more about your experience being there or know of any teachers still living there ??

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