I am writing this on an iPod touch

Will wonders never cease? I bought this thing for my wife right before we came back to Korea, thinking Dynamic Korea would be a bastion of wifi connectivity. Well it’s not. My in-laws’ house, however, is, thanks to a wireless router I brought with me from the states. So while my wife uses our computer, I’m banging away in this sleek little slab. It’s like typing into a little picture frame, not quite as uncomfortable as you might imagine, and certainly the fastest I’ve ever typed on a tiny keyboard.
The only dark note is that, for whatever reason, the thing can read Korean bit it doesn’t have a Korean keyboard. It is my understanding that there’s a website that can fill in for the lack of a keyboard, but my brief glimpse at it led me to conclude that it was not worth the effort, especially compared to the ease with which I am banging out this post.


~ by Joshing on January 28, 2008.

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