More Korean American Antisemitism

This time an article from Kong Jong-Sik Kim Dong-Suk of the New York New Jersey Korean Voters Association (HT to The Marmot)

 2% Jews hold the strings of America

jew power

In America the Jews are displaying an influence in politics, finance, law, the press, etc. through their extensive [social] networks.  George Bush listening attentively to a speech at the 100th anniversary ceremony for the American Jewish Council at the National Building Museum in Washington on May 4th of last year.  Picture by Donga Ilbo.

Plenty of prominent figures . . . 40% in Lawfirms, Ivy League Professors

Pro-Israel Lobbying Groups have super-strong power . . . “Run counter to American national interests” and even resist [America].

‘What country gets the most aid from America?’

It’s not an African nation.  The answer is Israel.  Even now America provides aid to Israel averaging $3 billion every year.  America has provided $100 billion in aid to Israel since its establishment.

There are many experts who discuss the strength of Jewish Americans and the reason that America is so warm towards Israel.

There are figures that indicate that Jews in America number between 5.3 million and 7 million, but it is estimated that there are 6 million.  That’s 2% of America’s population.  But it appears in general that they have 10 times the influence on American society.

  • The power of the Jewish lobby

March 10-12 of this year, The Washington Convention Center in the heart of Washington DC.  The 5000 people making up the leading class of Jewish America have gathered.  They are here for the annual general meeting of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the pro-Israel lobbying group.

Those in attendance at this general meeting give a good overview of the group.  The leaders of both parties belivered keynote speeches.  Dick Cheney and Nancy Pelosi in their capacity as speakers spoke about the ‘special relationship’ and continued support for Israel.

It is revealed on AIPAC’s website that half of the senators and a third of the members of the House were in attendance at the general meeting.

The last day of the meeting, March 12, was ‘Lobby Day’. When the event is over, AIPAC members are to go to congress en masse and meet their  local representatives.  Most of the congress is empty today, with congressmen meeting the Jewish Americans from their constituency.

Head of the New York-New Jersey Voters Association Kim Dong-Suk, who attended the event, said it feels like all of Washington has come to the Washington Convention Center.

The Jews’ power in America as felt in daily life as well.  For example, in New York and northern New Jersey as well as other areas where lots of Jews live, public schools are closed on Jewish holidays.

During the 12 days of the Jewish holiday of Hannukah all the top department stores in downtown New York have ‘Hannukah Sales’, and there are ads printed in the New York Times for Hannukah sales.

  • Over 20% of Ivy League undergraduates are Jewish

The reason that Jews in America have so much influence that they can put together this kind of event is that Jews have networks spread throughout the political, finance, law, education and press sectors.  If you want to count the figures like Alan Greenspan, head of the Federal Reserve Bank, Robert Rubin, Treasury Secretary and other Jewish people in leadership positions, there are so many you’ll never count them all.

Of the top 50 American corporations 17 were formed by Jews or are currently run by Jews, and statistics state that 40% of the lawyers at famous law firms in New York and Washington are Jewish.

In academia, Jewish power is extremely strong.  It is well established that 30%-40% of Ivy League professors are Jewish.  The percentage of Nobel Prize winners that are Jewish is also very high.
In the percentage of students that go on to famous universities, Jews also figure prominently.  According to Jewish college student organization Hillel, in 2003 Jewish students made up 29.6% at Harvard, 26.7% at Yale, 10.6% at Princeton, and 23.6% for all Ivy League schools.  That’s ten times their proportion of the population.

  • Jewish power, there are adversities too

But even as Jewish power is playing a role in America, there are adverse effects too.  The most representative of these problems is the direction of Middle Eastern policy.

For example every year the UN General Assembly passes a resolution criticizing Israel’s Greater Palestine policy.  Most of the UN opposes it but America continues to unilaterally stand on the side of Israel.

Min Byeong-Gap, Professor at Queens College in New York, analyzes it thusly.  “American evangelical Christians strengthen the pro-Israel lobby and Jewish power in America is getting stronger.”

In American politics the Jewish lobby’s power is recognized by everyone but there are still few instances of people saying so publicly. This is because the slightest provocation is branded with the label of ‘antisemitism’.

But Steven Walt, professor at the graduate school of public administration at Harvard, and University of Chicago professor John Mearsheimer stated last year in their book ‘The Israel Lobby and American Foreign Policy’ “The pro-Israel lobby’s effect on America’s administration can be in the national interest or a liability” 

New York-
뉴욕=공종식 특파원

The table above describes the percentage of Jewish students in the Ivy League schools (From top: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Dartmouth, Brown, Cornell, UPenn, and the average).


~ by Joshing on December 17, 2007.

7 Responses to “More Korean American Antisemitism”

  1. […] Wall of Jews ™, join ‘em! And just for reference, does this mean her kids have both the Ivy League AND Berkeley markets cornered? (BTW, she’ll be appearing at the New Asia Restaurant in San […]

  2. Good to see that you’ve translated this. I’ve blogging on it for two days but a bit blind due to my very weak Korean skills.

    Now, I can better gauge the extent of any antisemitism in the article…

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *

  3. By the way, the article in question is by Kong Jong Sik (공종식), and only the second article is the one by Kim Dong-suk (김동석).

    The Marmot has corrected his information.

    Jeffery Hodges

    * * *

  4. Thanks for the translation, but I fail to see the anti-Semitism in this article. Every country of import has its lobby in Washington. Why is reporting on the influence of AIPAC anti-Semitic? Were those who broke the Koreagate story anti-Korean?

  5. Just because this article does not err factually does not mean it is not anti-semitic. It is the author’s cherry-picking of facts and interpretation of the role of Jews in American Society that is worrisome. The article implies that Jews are a subversive element in society, only out for their own gain, and imbued with undeserved power. While this may seem to be just harsh criticism to a few, for many of us it sounds more than a little too familiar.

  6. i think this particular article is written with an anti-jewish mindset…yet the issues it points up are of interest. i first became conscious of this several years ago when i began to notice how pervasive jewish people were in almost every important field of endeavor you could name in america-and often they were at the top; education, publishing, law, business, entertainment, all media, finance, politics…the list goes on. i don’t think anyone can deny or downplay this. it’s not good or bad, necessarily, but it is a fact. here’s another one; fully one third of american multi-millionaires are jewish. 2 percent of the u.s. population is jewish. something signifigant has been and is going on here. how did the jews accomplish this? what does it mean to gentiles? to jews? i wish i knew more jews personally to discuss this sort of thing.

  7. well, if you knew some history, you would discover that until the last 150 years, Jews in all over the world were prosecuted because of religious interests(although they are the only non Christian group, but the gypsies that survived the medievals) – which combined with economic interests – because Christianity did not allow to run a bank-like services, so they used the Jews for that matter, and as you may guess, when they needed money they simply killed the Jews holding it..
    but after the world-wide emancipation, first time in history(well, if you don’t count eastern Europe Jews before the 17th century) Jews recieved the right to work in normal jobs and participate in science, agriculture and culture. it’s known (and we see it today with Asians and Hispans in the U.S.A) after a group is being discriminated for a long time, it will try to compinsate it and invest the best efforts to be the best in every thing they try to do, that’s why many Jews having high posts..
    about the American-Jewish relationships:
    first of all, the plan of dividing of the ex-British colony in what is now Israel-Palestine was recieved because of very particular interests of Stalin(if you don’t know who Stalin was, you have a biiig problem) to use Israel as a port for soviet ships which will continue from there to northern Africa and this way control the beaches of the midetirenian sea(as it known Stalin was not a big Jew lover, many would say the opposite)
    but after Stalin saw that the new Jewish country would not cooperate, he (actually all soviet leaders after him) invested many resources to convert the Arab countries to his side, as a result, the western world did the opposite, because they didn’t want the communists to control the middle east. at the beginning USA was not the main supporter Israel, and Israelies biggest supporters were France and Britain (if you heard about the 1956 war) and only in the 1960s-1970s the USA started supporting Israel, but for all this years prevented the normalization of relationship between the Arab world and Israel (as you know, Egypt is on USA’s and not counted as part of the socialist wing of the Arab world) and controlled the Israeli politics, using money.. actually, Israel is known to be not independent country, and every significant decision in Israel has to recieve the white house approval..
    1)don’t blame the Jews in controlling the world or America, as it was for hundreds of years, Jews are still used as tools to control parts of the world..
    2)yeah right, Jews has this evil networks between each other, and once a year they fly on brooms, meet each other and plan how to rape your men and kill your women

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