Review: The Salty Dog

I’m in Boston right now with my mom and Miyoung. Naturally that means lots of them shopping and me walking stony-faced around Urban Outfitters smirking with an air of superiority at everything they sell/stand for. We were down in the Faneuil Hall area shopping when we happened upon a Coach store. Two great things happened in this Coach store. First, a helpful gentleman explained to me that the reason that I’ve been setting off the theft alarms at every store I walk into and out of is not my gold fillings, as I had thought, but in fact a magnetic strip embedded somewhere in my pants. Second, I caught a whiff of fresh Coach leather brought to mind the delicious smell of fresh sushi. This set my mind on fish, and I resolved to eat seafood. We continued shopping, but all I could think about was fish.
“Oh look, Cheers!”
“Oh, Dick’s Last Resort! Great atmosphere, so-so food.”
“What was this building originally?”
Finally in the northwest corner of Faneuil Hall we found The Salty Dog. It’s a cozy place, kind of reminded me of a Korean rice-wine (makgeolli) bar, with a low ceiling, benches along the walls and very low lighting. I had the breaded broiled Boston scrod, Mom had the flounder, and Miyoung had the fried calamari.
The scrod was great, flaky and just crispy enough. The flounder was perfectly cooked and came with a nice cream sauce that was almost like sour cream. The calamari was good, as it often is. Every dish came with excellent cole slaw, not at all creamy with a slightly vinegar-y flavor and peppers and onions. That’s actually the second amazing cole slaw we’ve had today, the first coming from the White Horse Tavern in Allston. The place really aims at serving all the things that one would want to eat in Boston, including baked beans, “Real” New England clam chowder (which we didn’t get a chance to try), and excellent Boston cream pie with real, extra-Bostony whipped cream.  The prices are slightly lower than the other seafood restaurants in the area, with the majority of menu items being between $15 and $20.
So if you’re in Boston, you go to Faneuil Hall and you’re shopping at American Eagle, Brookstone, and Clarks and saying “Should we see a comedy show? Oh, but I don’t know any of these guys’ names. Let’s not go.” and decide to eat some real New England seafood instead, go to The Salty Dog.


~ by Joshing on December 8, 2007.

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