Michael Savage’s "The Savage Nation"

I just started reading The Savage Nation: Saving America from the Liberal Assault on our Borders, Language, and Culture. First of all, let me explain what I already know about Michael Savage. He is an intellectually dishonest flim flam man, a peddler of patent medicines who claims that he’s cured cancer with “a special nutrition program” (page 12). He has written about improving children’s IQ with food and so-called “holistic health”, whatever that may be, in previous books. I see no difference between his current career as a fiery conservative radio host and his previous one as an ethnobotanist and seller of potions. The way I see it, he has no respect for his customers in either endeavor, and would just as soon feed his listeners a load of ire-raising rhetoric as he would convince his patients to treat cancer with a nutrition program.
Michael Savage’s shtick can be summed up as follows: Savage, an New York Jew who lives in San Francisco, presents for his audience a demon-haunted world of anti-family, anti-American boogeymen. His message comes draped in nostalgia for a simpler, manlier time. Being an urban Jew, he allows his sub- and ex-urban Christian audience to focus their hatred more specifically on an urban liberal landscape often populated by Jews and homosexuals. Reading Savage’s criticism of “the Dianne Feinsteins of the world, the Charlie Schumers, the subway senators” allows one to despise liberals without seeming to despise Jews.
The straw men that Savage constantly conjures up form the soul of the threat to “our borders, language, and culture”. Here’s a short list of the ones I could find in a quick perusal of the first chapter of the book:

  • “The liberal fools who can remember every law book they ever read, but they don’t know what they’re talking about or where they’ve dragged the nation.”
  • “The teacher’s union [which] has just about eliminated testing.”
  • The fathers of today, who ” if a kid brought home a record from a foreign nation . . . would have to be like Mr. Rogers: “Oh, son, that’s just so sensitive of you. How multicultural of you, son.” and say “Oh, look at that, dear, he smeared feces on the wall. That’s modern art.”
  • “The bums today whose hands are always out–you know the type. Those card-carrying ‘victims’ who only know how to suck the nipple of Aunt Sam.”
  • “The greedy, legal profession, and those with fake handicaps who hide behind a charade to cover their laziness.”
  • Homosexualized, feminized America” where “women are afraid of angry men.”
  • “Mr. Liberal”, who “finds the man who gets furious and really wants to change things” and “tells him he’s a psychotic and he needs anger management.”
  • “Demagogues like Al Sharpton, Jesse Hijackson, and Tom Daschle
  • The “liberal entitlement message being passed down in our society. Just sit on your fat behind, watch TV, swill another drink, and be sure to wait for your welfare check on Friday.”
  • Ultraliberalism that is killing San Francisco and filling it with “a human plague”. This ultraliberalism begets “Hatred for anything normal . . . law and order . . . decency . . . for mama and apple pie and the roses in your hand.”
  • Democrats, libs, and Commu-Nazis who rule the courts, because of whom “America’s meatballs are small, hard, and tasteless.

Next time, the nostalgia, or maybe more straw men. Or not. I’m taking a lazy, sloppy Michael Savage approach tonight.


~ by Joshing on December 3, 2007.

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