Golden Girls movie fantasy cast

I just got disc one of the Golden Girls season 1 from Netflix and watched the pilot.

It got me thinking about the Golden Girls movie. Naturally it would be about the late eighties Golden Girls anachronistically thrown into early twenty-first century Miami, and it would have a cameo from Mario Lopez, but who should star? Here’s who I would cast.

Dorothy Zbornak – Nicole Kidman. I would say anyone would have to agree that she’s the only actress out there right now with the gravitas to play Dorothy.

Sophia – Laura Linney. Think about it, Estelle Getty was only two years older than Bea Arthur, and yet she both resembled her and made a perfect mother to her. Have you seen Laura Linney lately? Total Nicole Kidman’s withered mother material.

Rose – Renee Zellweger. Where would Bridget Jones wind up if she had been born and raised in Saint Olaf, married and subsequently outlived her husband? Miami, naturally.
Blanche Devereau – Tyler Perry. Nobody says ‘oversexed southern older woman’ like Tyler ‘Madea’s Family Reunion’ Perry.

Stanley Zbornak – John Leguizamo. Oh Stanley, wasn’t divorcing you enough to get you out of poor Dorothy’s life? Apparently not. Plus die-hard Golden Girlsheads (or Geedgeheads, as they are sometimes called) would be up in arms if he didn’t at least make an appearance.


~ by Joshing on November 11, 2007.

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