Newest American trend to hit Korea: calling dudes gay

This blows my mind. Effeminate Korean singer Brian from duo Fly to the Sky

goes on Gag Concert, only to be ragged on by has-been singer Lee Sang-won

for being gay. My translations are based on this article from Sports Chosun.

Lee: Where did all the talk of you cross-dressing and dating [Fly to the
Sky bandmate Eru] come from?
Brian: It’s a misunderstanding due to the fact that we’re so close. And sometimes I go to hang out at Eru’s house and
sleep over.
Lee: [Older entertainer] Tae Jin-a always says you’re so pretty . . .
Brian: Of course. I think of myself as his son.
Lee: Do you think of yourself as his son or daughter-in-law?

Lee then ordered Brian to do push-ups to prove his manhood.

Now what I want to know is where Lee Sang-won got this homophobic gay-bashing attitude from. It’s one of America’s most unsavory distinguishing characteristics and I’ve long cited its absence from Korea as a definite point in its favor (Not that it means Korea’s any more enlightened about homosexuality than the U.S.)

I suspect that the audience watching Gag Concert that night was very perplexed by the attack. I mean, Korea is the land of the pink shirt, and whether or not Korean men are more in touch with their feminine side because they don’t believe in the existence of Korean homosexuals, it remains true that Korean men can act in a manner that would get them brutally teased in the U.S. without fear of recrimination.

I don’t know whether Lee Sang-won learned to be made insecure by other men during years of has-been exile in America or what, but I sincerely hope that his nasty sniping doesn’t rub off on any impressionable Korean kids.

~ by Joshing on October 20, 2007.

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